Are YOU Thinking about Entering a Writing Contest?

If you are, the research to find just the right one can be overwhelming! Free entries? Paid entries? How do I know if it’s a legit contest or not? Or–if you are a born skeptic–you may throw in the towel and forget the whole idea.

Before you do that, I’d like to recommend a great contest that is legitimate, offers sound coaching tools and comes around yearly. It’s the Pikes Peak Pen Women’s Annual Flash Fiction Contest. ( )
Their contest is called:

Word Sculptures, a Flash Fiction Contest

Contest dates are January 15–April 15, 2019

Entries MUST be narrative in form and rather than adhering to one theme, this year’s stories must contain the following three words: amber, fire, harmony

Pikes Peak Pen Women are a Colorado branch of the National League of American Pen Women, Inc. ( ) Their goal, as an organization, is to challenge writers get their stories out into the world to be read by others. This annual contest challenges writers from around the world, (Male or Female) to tell a complete short story using no more than 500 words. (How hard can that be?)

If you still aren’t convinced whether entering a writing contest is right for you, read this short post written by a PEN Woman and author: “Why Enter A Writing Contest?” It just might change your mind.

Okay! So you are ready to learn more about how to enter our Pikes Peak Flash Fiction Contest. Click over to our webpage and read the guidelines. Take time to read the excellent stories of last year’s winners. Take note that our deadline is midnight, April 15th–only 15 days from now!


Don’t panic.

You can do it!(

Be sure to sign up for a critique personally written by one of our published authors. It’s worth your money! ( )