___Entry no more than 500 words (not counting title)

___Entry contains the three prompt words: amber, fire, harmony

___Entry is included in your email as an attachment; do not cut and paste into the body of your email.

___Cover Page attached, including the following:

  • Author Name
  • Story Title
  • Physical Address
  • Phone Number and Email Address
  • PayPal Transaction ID/Amount Paid
  • Critique (yes or no)

___Amount paid is $20 for first entry for all adults, $10 for students age 16 through college.

$15 each additional adult entry, $6 for students age 16 through college.

___An additional $15 for each critique from a published author.

___Story Title is on the manuscript and the Cover Page.

___Author Name does NOT appear on the manuscript, only on the Cover Page.

___Proper manuscript format is used.

___Entry is narrative in form and is neither poetry nor a vignette.

___PayPal payment is noted with Transaction ID# from confirmation email included on Cover Page.

Email submissions to: PPBFlashFictionContest@gmail.com

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