flash fiction

Submission Guidelines

•  All Flash Fiction entries must pertain to the theme and be narrative in form (must “tell a story”).
•  All genres welcome • No poetry
•  Entries are limited to 100 words  (excluding title)
•  Manuscripts must be prepared in stated  format
•  Separate cover page required
•  Stories must be titled only; author’s name excluded
•  Submissions may be emailed or mailed
•  Full payment must accompany all entries
•  Manuscripts will not be returned unless a critique is requested (via email, or you may enclose a SASE).
•  Completed contest entry is also a grant of permission to Pikes Peak Pen Women to publish author name, city and  winning story on PikesPeakPenWomen.com.
•  Following review round, prizewinners will be notified by email and stories will be published online.
•  All entries must be postmarked or date stamped by the published contest deadline.  

Notice: Entries not submitted in accordance with the above rules will not be judged

and entry fees will not be returned.

Prior winning entries will not be accepted for re-consideration.

Payment Options

If paying by PayPal - Click on yellow “Payment” buttons to process payment with PayPal. Complete payment, including the title of your entry and your name in the comments section. Check the confirmation email from PayPal for your Transaction ID; record this ID# on the Cover Page of your entry.

If paying by Check - Make check payable to: Pikes Peak Pen Women, c/o Brenda Speer, 104 South Cascade Avenue, Suite 200C, Colorado Springs, CO 80903. Record the check number and amount on the cover page of your submission(s).

Confirm your information/entry is complete by going over the checklist at right. Deliver your entry via the means below, including your cover page. Submissions may be emailed, when attached in a PDF format. Do NOT cut and paste into the email body.

EMAIL submissions to: FlashFiction@PikesPeakPenWomen.com

POSTAL submissions to: Pikes Peak Pen Women, c/o Brenda Speer, 104 South Cascade Avenue, Suite 200C Colorado Springs, CO 80903.

Entry Checklist

2017 DEADLINE: To be announced

2017 THEME:  To be announced

Submissions may be emailed with entries attached (do NOT cut and paste material into the email body). Before submitting, take a moment to look over the following checklist to make sure you’ve included everything necessary.

Entry submission …
__ pertains to the theme, is narrative, is not poetry
__ is prepared and packaged as an attachment 

Manuscript is attached __, containing …
__ Story title ONLY, no author name shown
__ No more than 100 words (excluding title)
__ Standard manuscript format:
     1” margin all sides, double-space entire text
     12 pt standard font (Times New Roman, Courier)
     Center title, drop 4 lines, indent & begin

     Indent each new paragraph 5 spaces (~ .5”)
     Do not insert extra lines between paragraphs

Cover page is attached __, containing …
__ Author Name & Story Title
__ Physical Address
__ Phone Number & Email Address
__ Check # or PayPal Transaction ID, with fees paid
__ Critique request (Yes or No)

Payment accompanies entry __, containing

(2017 fees pending)
__ $___  for first entry
__ $___  per each added entry (x # of added entries)
__ $___ per each critique requested
__ Check made out to Pikes Peak Pen Women, OR
__ PayPal Transaction ID# from confirmation email
__ SASE for document return by postal mail, if requested


Each year the Pikes Peak Branch of the National League of American Pen Women Inc. sponsors a flash fiction contest that challenges authors to "tell a story" using one hundred or fewer words. Writers are invited to submit a complete but very short story of 100 words or less (excluding story title from total word count); entries MUST be narrative in form (must tell a story) and pertain to the contest theme.

What is flash fiction? Flash fiction, unlike a vignette, often contains the classic story elements: protagonist, conflict, obstacles or complications, and resolution. However, unlike a traditional short story, the limited word length often forces some of these elements to remain unwritten – that is, hinted at or implied in the written storyline.

From http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Flash_fiction  Hint: Read past winners for examples.

Prizes and entry and critique fees for 2017 to be announced.

Entrants need not be a Colorado resident nor a NLAPW member to submit. All genres are welcome (no poetry); male writers are welcome. Multiple submissions are acceptable, with fees combined in a single check. Check or money order is made payable to: Pikes Peak Pen Women. Payment may also be completed by PayPal online (get the Transaction ID# from your confirmation email to include with your entry).