Pikes Peak Pen Women Flash Fiction Contest

Payment and Submission Options 

Entry Fee: 

  • $10 for students, high school and college (ages 16 & above), $6 for each additional entry.
  • $20 for the first entry, $15 for each additional entry. No limit on the number of entries submitted.
  • You may request an optional critique for an additional $15 each. If you submit multiple entries, be sure to include the title of the story or stories you would like to be critiqued.

Paying by PayPal

  • Click on the yellow “Payment” button to process payment with PayPal.  Complete payment, including the title of your entry and your name in the comments section.
  • Check the confirmation email from PayPal for your Transaction ID.  Record this ID# on the Cover Page of your entry.

Email submissions to: PPBFlashFictionContest@gmail.com

Payment and Submissions Options:

Flash Fiction First Entry: $20

Entry – Title

Click only once to avoid double entries.

Flash Fiction Additional Entry: $15

Additional Entry – Title

Flash Fiction Critique: $15

Critique: Title of Entry