Pikes Peak Pen Women Flash Fiction Contest

Payment and Submission Options 

Entry Fee: 

  • $10 for students, high school and college (ages 16 & above), $6 for each additional entry.
  • $20 for the first entry, $15 for each additional entry. No limit on the number of entries submitted.
  • You may request an optional critique for an additional $15 each. If you submit multiple entries, be sure to include the title of the story or stories you would like to be critiqued.

Paying by PayPal

  • Click on the yellow “Add to Cart” payment button to process your payment. PayPal is the payment processor we use. You do not have to have a PayPal account, but once you get to the next step, you can choose the option to use your credit or debit card or the PayPal feature.   Complete payment, including the title of your entry and your name in the comments section.
  • Check the confirmation email from PayPal for your Transaction ID.  Record this ID# on the Cover Page of your entry.

Email submissions to: PPBFlashFictionContest@gmail.com

Payment and Submissions Options:

Flash Fiction First Adult Entry: $20

Entry – Title

Click only once to avoid double entries.

Flash Fiction Adult Additional Entry: $15

Additional Entry – Title

Flash Fiction Critique: $15

Critique: Title of Entry

Youth & College Flash Fiction Entry: $10.00

Youth & College Entry – Title

Youth & College Additional Flash Fiction Entry: $6:00

Additional Youth Entry – Title