Something new started this January (2019) for Pikes Peak branch of PEN Women. We launched Pen Women Writers Circle, starting out with with 9 members and one guest plunging into extemporaneous writing under the guidance of Doris McCraw, a Pen Woman member, an area author, historian, poet and actor/musician who has portrayed figures from the past, such as Helen Hunt and Katharine Lee Bates. Her fiction works appear under the name, “Angela Raines.” Doris is the perfect moderator for this group with her diverse background in writing on many subject levels.

Pikes Peak Writing Circle is fun!  The extemporaneous writing for the first hour gets our ‘writing engines revved up and reading our work aloud afterwards is great. The second hour is a ‘gentle’ critique/read aloud of previous works we each bring to the group for comment and observations. (Please count on bringing 5 copies to share, word count guideline is 900-1000 words). Those who wish hang out after class, can do so over lunch in the elegant dining room at MacKenzie Place.

This group is experimental—so if you are wondering what to expect, come and join in and let your ideas be heard! You do not have to be a PEN Woman, a published writer or even female to come. If you want to write, or learn more about writing, please come. Our writers cover a wide scope of writing genres: romance, western, historical, children’s storybook, fantasy and biography–along with poetry of all forms.

PPPW Writing Circle meets:

  • The First Tuesday of every month at 10:00am—12:00pm and
  • Every Third Thursday–1:00pm to 3:00pm. For more info please email Sarah Rickman at .

Also please check our Pikes Peak Pen Women Facebook page for announcements, updates or time changes.

Venue*MacKenzie Place: located south of Fillmore between Union and Templeton Gap, in Colorado Springs. The address is 1605 Elm Creek View. Entrance is from Melissa Drive that runs east from Templeton Gap

See you there!