The Stars Among Us–Arvilla Rogers – A Luminary Has Passed

Arvilla Rogers – A Luminary Has Passed



The Pikes Peak Branch has lost one of its dearest members.

Arvilla Rogers passed away on March 8, 2019.  Arvilla had been an Art member of our Branch for decades, and was an extremely dedicated Pen Woman.  She served our Branch in every possible position, often hosting the Branch in the lovely home that she and her husband designed.  Her house was like a Still Life…beautifully coordinated in colors that even accentuated the attire that she wore in daily life, making her always appear as a painting herself.  Her lovely home art studio was so inspiring you could have easily painted anything there, or written a poem or a novel, or composed a symphony.  Her gardens were an artist’s palette, as if she had used brush strokes to plant it.  She was a creative through and through. 

Arvilla Rogers, at Pikes Peak Branch 60th Anniversary Celebration

The last meeting that Arvilla was able to attend was the Branch’s 60th Anniversary celebration in 2015. 

On that occasion, she was thrilled with the Power Point (presented above) that had been created to celebrate her contributions to the Branch.  As she viewed it, she narrated her life as each image appeared.  When a portrait she had done of her husband, William, came on screen, she sighed, “There’s my wonderful Bill.”

Her husband preceded her in death by many years.  Her marriage to a career Army officer had taken her to wonderful, exciting places, and in each of those, sometimes exotic environments, she took art lessons so she could incorporate the local culture into her paintings.

Arvilla was a devoted wife, loving mother and a dear friend to everyone who had the privilege of knowing her.

She will be greatly missed.


Thank you for taking time to drop by our website today and to view the beautiful artwork of Arvilla Rogers.

Virginia Franklin Campbell with Arvilla Rogers

This eulogy was written by Virginia Franklin Campbell, former National President of NLAPW, and Pikes Peak Branch. The music in this short video was composed and performed by Candace Long, former National President, professional musician, public speaker, performer.


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      Thank you, Cindi. Arvilla was a special person, and her artwork was stunning!

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