The Stars Among Us–Featuring Rosie Eylens

Rosie Eylens is a painting machine, as all the rooms in her two-level house will testify, not to mention all the work others now own. Once, working against a deadline for an art show, she worked on three paintings at a time. The variety of her work – acrylic painting, watercolor, mixed media, and techniques with different papers or waxes – comes from classes and workshops that keep her motivated. But there’s something else going on here.

Rosie’s art makes a connection that can’t be explained by her enigmatic style. Maybe it’s her small-town, genuine way with people that comes through the art so we kind of, ‘get’ where she’s coming from. Rosie comes from a small town in Minnesota, where the population hasn’t changed in 55 years. She’s one in a family of six kids who grew up in a one-bedroom-house. Rosie took refuge in painting. “Painting was a way of shutting out the world,” she says. “I would sit and do this, and whatever was going on around me just faded away.” That’s hard-won wisdom coming through.

Rosie’s artwork

Rosie’s creativity and diversity are well known among her family and friends. She is accomplished in acrylics, watercolors, alcohol inks, mixed media and encaustics—but her artistic skills are not limited to paint, paper or canvas. She has also won awards for her outstanding photography.

“Along the Keys” was a photo of a 100 plus year old Chickering piano at the Hoyt Sherman Place in Des Moines, Iowa.*

Here are a few of Rosie’s recent paintings showing her diversity in medium choice.

“A Blast of Blooms”-Watercolor
“Fuchsia Pink”-Alcohol Inks

A Snowy Day, Watercolor & Webbing


“South of Jackson Hole”-Watercolors


Animal & Pet Portraits

Rosie sells her art all around the Denver, Palmer Lake, Monument and Colorado Springs area. One of her beautiful watercolor paintings was spotted in a local venue by an author/poet, who bought it on the spot. This painting became the cover art for Nancy Godbout Jurka’s book of poems, Journey On: Beauty and Grit Along the Way, published under the pen name of  Anna Blake Godbout. Nancy happened to be a long-standing Pen Woman, and introduced Rosie to the Pike’s Peak Branch of NLAPW, which Rosie joined in November 2014–under the Artist’s credentials. As with everything she does, Rosie pours her energies into helping the Pen Women’s Art programs become outstanding and successful.

Nancy and Rosie at a book signing in 2014 at the Covered Treasures Bookstore in     Monument, CO.

What is Rosie doing currently?

Besides taking art classes and painting with her many artsy friends, Rosie serves on the executive board of the Pikes Peak Branch of the NLAPW, as Art Chairperson, and helps organize their local Art Exhibit—a biennial affair (The next exhibit will be November 2019). She is always willing to teach art classes to the Pen Women membership, at least once a year.

In September, this year, Rosie hosted a successful Open House and Art Sale in her home in Larkspur, Co. Rosie had more than 150 paintings framed and ready to sell, plus several bins of unframed, matted original paintings (not prints!). When asked how many she sold, she smiled and mumbled, “I sold forty-five!”

Moss won’t grow on Rosie’s back, for sure! She never sits still long enough! Her latest project involves the preliminary sketches for illustrating a children’s storybook poem, written, again, by Pen Woman and author/poet, Nancy Godbout Jurka, Corn Silk. When asked when the book will be published, Rosie simply replied, “When I get the paintings done!”

We’ll all be looking forward to that day, Rosie! Then we can read Nancy’s wonderful poem creatively illustrated by Rosie Eylens!

What’s on the horizon for Rosie Eylens?

When this questions was asked, “What’s on the immediate horizon for you, Rosie?” Her brief answer was, “I plan on continuing to exploring new creativity techniques.”

And I know she will! If you’re interested in seeing more of Rosie’s Art–connect with her at “”

Thank you, Rosie for sharing with us a little glimpse into your creative life.

*Chickering & Sons was an American piano manufacturer located in Boston, Massachusetts, known for producing award-winning instruments of superb quality and design. The company was founded in 1823.

This interview & article was conducted and written by author, Elizabeth Martin, Pikes Peak Pen Woman, (Letters)

Pen Women Letters member since 2015, Elizabeth Martin just gave birth to a brand new book-baby: The Heart’s Mind: How Unconscious Responses in Life and Work Naturally Improve Our Lives While We Make Other Plans, is now available on Amazon